Friday, April 13, 2012

My Dream House

Alright, so I have been thinking for awhile about my dream house, my little corner of the world when I grow up, so...out came the computer and the google searching for pictures began!  I thought I would show a few of them (or all of them!) to you, and if you like them, let me know!

Where I'd like to live...

 Or here!

At places like these.

And bedrooms like these (extremely sorry about the second bedroom's fuzziness)

And every house needs a kitchen! (or three...I liked them all)

Some more pictures...

Every country house needs a barn...
And sheep,


A kitten :),


And a Border Collie!

And...of course!

Many, many children!

Again, I'm sorry about the fuzzy pictures!  I got these on multiple websites, and some of them are not of the best quality.