Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When the Worlds Were Made

 Long before you or I were born, before the world was made, there was darkness.  Darkness so deep and vast, that if you were there, you would forget everything.  Forget sandy beaches, laughing children, tigers sleeping in the tall grasses.  Nothing would seem real to you except the cold, looming stillness; swallowing you.  You stand there unconscious of time until a voice, warming you to the inmost of your very soul, booms out from the darkness.  A voice so powerful and strong that it terrifies you, but so sweet, that you linger to taste its sweet drops.  A faint flicker of hope stirs within you and then grows until you are bursting with joy, for the once blackened sky, was now crowded with light, blinding light.  The voice still continues, and suddenly you hear a whip-like cracking, and then watch the waters, unnoticeable before, separate leaving a luxurious blue blanket stretching through the air.  Then the waters below begin to give way, as peasants bow before a king, revealing land with not even a trace of the waters that had just presided upon it.  And the world begins.

    Standing in a valley, you wonder how things could get any better.  But they do.  Soft, springy, grass grows quickly beneath your bare feet.  You fall flat of your back, sinking into the dark green carpet.  Biting off a piece, you discover that the sweetest thing you had ever tasted was nothing in comparison to this.  You notice how hungry you are.  Turning your head to the left, you notice a paradise of fruit trees, which blended with the cold waters making then look warm and inviting.  You pull an orange from a branch.  An orange at the perfect peak of ripeness, splitting between your fingers and filling you instantly.   There never was a juicer orange than that.  The sky begins to darken, but you are not alarmed, for no one is ever afraid or unhappy in this blissful garden. It is dark now, but only for a moment, for, standing there, you watch one, then another, then another bright ball of fire appear in the heavens. Afterwards, you watch a bigger ball, but with a paler light, come into existence. Lying under a Weeping Willow, on the grass with sweet smelling roses all around you, you count the many constellations in the night time sky.

     You open one eye, and then another. You shut them. Rolling over, you realize that you had been asleep.  A song in tree above you distracts you.  Speedily climbing up it, you spy a robin, pouring out a sweet melody, as if just awakened from a deep slumber.  The whole world suddenly becomes alive with the chorus of a thousand birds.  You listen steadily to the music, until a cold splash of water interrupts your thoughts. It is a fish.  The water is teeming with them.  There are big ones, little ones, dolphins, and sharks.  There are fish with stripes and even one with wings.  Every fish living in perfect harmony together, all eating the plants of the ocean.  And then you hear it.  A roar.  Looking to the trees, you watch every animal you could name, and more, appear.  As soon as each kind of animal was formed, they went to doing what they liked best.  The lions suntaning themselves on a large mossy rock.  Dogs splashing into the water trying to eat the waves.  But then you notice the most wondrous thing of all.  Man and woman come out from behind the bushes.  The voice ceases, and you catch a glimpse of the Maker of all creation, issuing orders to the man.  “It is very good.” God whispered.  It certainly was. 


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